The “Make-overs Project” is a project created to enhance our inner beauty. “its not about becoming beautiful, its about enhancing the beauty you already have.” La Moda partners with Steven D. Hill and sets out to transform clients to give them the ultimate fashion experience such as day to day looks and beauty tips. All are welcome (Women, men, teens and kids) You will receive styling ( 1 to 2 looks), make-up and a professional photo shoot to celebrate your transformation. Want to be our next make-over client? Submit your story and tell us why you feel you need a make-over and be featured here on La Moda.

Want to volunteer? We’re always open to accept professional volunteers to help our clients during makeovers. (hair stylist, nail techs etc.) See La Moda’s contact page.


The Before & After

Casandra, an amazing woman and client was willing to totally transform and enhance her beauty. she is a hard working mother who is a breast cancer survivor and we wanted to show her how amazing she is by giving her a whole new look!! Casandra your such an inspiration. With all the ups and downs in life with the grace of God, we survive and we can survive in STYLE! 


The Reveal

McKinis, Casandra and Steven after Casandra’s reveal. She was so exited to see her new self.


The Finale

We thank Casandra for trusting us as her “beauty enhancers”. It was a great kick off to the Make-overs project.